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Petals and Bows Florist, Your Local Chester Florist

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We're a real brick and mortar florist located 3 miles from the center of Chester.

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Petals and Bows Florist
6503 Centralia Rd
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
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Jenny VeazeyJenny Veazey
3 months ago
Lovely flowers, friendly and helpful staff and prompt delivery.
Susan BelfordSusan Belford
4 months ago
Wonderful customer service. Family-oriented business for many years. Judy goes out of her way to help customers from out-of-town with floral requests. Pls support them!
Loretta NelsonLoretta Nelson
6 months ago
I can't really do a full and fair review of Petals & Bows only because I didn't get a chance to make a purchase. It's a long story that has nothing to do with the business and a lot to do with a rather indecisive boyfriend. Maybe a few of us have been there? LOL! I did go inside Petals & Bows and speak with a lovely lady about purchasing a sash for a funeral wreath. Just the sash, mind you. Well, I spoke with a very nice lady inside and inquired about said sash. Of course, the inside dimensions of the wreath were needed, and, of course, I was not provided such information since I was just the "gofer." You know? Gofer this..Gofer that?? LOL! Well, boyfriend was contacted to get the dimensions, which he needed to find out and call me back. I chit-chatted with the nice lady at Petals & Bows about how lovely everything was there and funeral wreaths and such. She said they don't usually make custom sashes as far as the writing on them but they were willing to hand print it up for me. Boyfriend finally called back and said now the sash isn't needed. As I throw my hands in the air and say how sorry I am for bothering them, the nice lady and now a nice man from the back kinda giggle and say, "So, they're pretty organized, huh?" LOL! It was a non-productive yet learning experience. The folks at Petals & Bows have a sense of humor, and they're more than willing to try to accommodate you when you need them. Give them a try. Just remember to bring your dimensions with you! LOL!😉